Automate Your Website’s Contact Us

You created aform on your website to interact with your customers.

I hope that you have a tremendously successful website and if you do, you will most likely receive hundreds and possibly thousands of inputs from your ‘Contact Us’ form every day.

You receive them either in the form of emails or as entries in your back office part of your website. Either way you will be overwhelmed with just looking at them, let alone doing anything with all but a few of them. Wouldn’t is be great if all of those entries could be entered into a database, where automation can take care of a number of differnt duties, leaving you to take care of only those that you can.

The good news is that using just some of our suite of tools, you can tackle some or all of these tasks.

We use a combination of the following:

  1. A webhook to retreive the data and put it into
  2. An Airtable database, where automations take care of a number of duties, then
  3. SyncInc will convert the useful data into a Postgresql database that can then be analysed and presented in
  4. Your Dashboard of choice.

All of this is taken care of for you from the second that someone pushes the ‘Send Button’ on your web form.

If you’d like some help with all, or just some of this, then contact us.


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