Low Code, No Code Websites

It is entirely possible for you to create a beautiful website where you control everything without writing a line of code.

To give you some idea of what is possible, the website you are looking at now is a WordPress website using the Elementor site builder.

Most of our websites are built using WordPress as the engine and a interactive builder to create the site.

Our two preferred tools that build WordPress sites are Elementor and Brizy and will come as no surprise to you that there are pros and cons to each of them. As usual one size does not fit all!!

We find that most of the web only tools like WIX or Squarespace, whilst undeniably Low Code, No Code applications, generally lack the flexibility we need and start to become expensive as you add more and features.

One new tool that we are starting to use is Webflow, this takes us away from the WordPress engine (For which there are legitimate use cases) and offers very similar capabilities. As usual, each tool targeting a specific set of tasks or circumstances.

All of the tools described would be considered to be No Code tools since in the vast majority of circumstances no code is written, so where does the Low Code element come from?

In each of our preferred solutions becoming Low Code solutions is usually achieved with a few lines HTML or CSS.  This adds in a little more control in very specific circumstances.

As our selected suite of tools evolves, this becomes rarer.

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