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Every company and every country face greater needs to improve their Productivity.

Over the last 100 years, industrial waves of change have been inflexion points in productivity improvement.

The next wave of change is taking place right now and means judicious introduction of digital technologies as well as product manufacturing and postponement locations being completely re-evaluated 

Embracing these new technologies and being effective in the different ways of working and distributing  is only possible if we have the processes and products that can partner with them in place.

Automation incorrectly defined by non-optimised processes and products that have not been considered with automation in mind will be a disaster!

With more than 25 years of hands-on experience solving some of the most challenging problems in the R&D, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Customer Services, we really know what good and bad looks like.  We are well versed in the challenges of moving products around the World as well as understanding and managing the bumps in the road.

We (I) love to make a difference to the way that organisations work.

This website is dedicated to sharing my ideas and views that may just help you improve what you or your company does.

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