Tools For Project Management Successes

I have already discussed my overall approach to successfully deliver projects. I must stress, there can be no guarantees in the delivery of a project. There is so much potential for things to happen that you cannot even imagine. This does not mean that projects cannot be delivered successfully, in fact, quite the opposite. What … Read moreTools For Project Management Successes

Busting Your Productivity Free – Start With Some KPIs

Simply put, if you measure something, it will improve. So, if you measure lots of things (And therefore, create as many KPIs as you can think of) then you will make lots of improvements. To the uninitiated, it seems sensible. In fact, I used to joke that in a factory (Where I have spent much … Read moreBusting Your Productivity Free – Start With Some KPIs

How I Have Written My Recent Blog Posts

This Blog entry is written using WordPress, open source and the most popular blogging tool available. WordPress is also suitable for a web site tool too! But enough of that, how have I typically written my recent blog and website? This document, for example, started life being written on a computer running Debian Linux, with a desktop … Read moreHow I Have Written My Recent Blog Posts

Practical Ways An SME Can Embrace Industry Four Point Zero

At the recent Smart Factory Expo (Hosted by The manufacturer Magazine) in Liverpool, I was asked to present how a former colleague and I had managed to build an Industry 4.0 solution at a bargain basement cost. I discussed how this approach could be applied to different devices that you need to work together. If you click on … Read morePractical Ways An SME Can Embrace Industry Four Point Zero

Quality Methodologies

I was lucky enough to be introduced to and trained by one of the key individuals who established Six Sigma in Motorola, Keke Bhote. The level of analysis and subsequent problem solving that this eco-system can offer is astonishing. The adoption of continuous quality improvement is engrained into this. But when is enough, enough? Should … Read moreQuality Methodologies

The Circular Economy

I recently visited a prospective supplier(Wisetek) to my current employer in Cork. They have turned the re-manufacture and recycling of components from the commercial IT industry into a production process. The process consists of disassembling, sorting, recycling or re-manufacturing. When I examined the standard of the re-manufactured product, I did so by comparing it to … Read moreThe Circular Economy

Office Applications Whenever & Wherever I Wish

This is something I have been wanting to write for some time. Like so many people my work involves the use of using spreadsheets, writing documents or producing presentations. Traditionally I have always been tied to my computer but increasingly I wish to be able to perform these tasks as and when I wish and … Read moreOffice Applications Whenever & Wherever I Wish

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