Bust Your Productivity Challenges Wide Open!

Despite the fact that the average British worker has amongst the longest working hours the UK continues to fall behind much of the Western World in terms of productivity.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the greatest contributor to the UK’s poor productivity.

Lower corporate and public investment in equipment and people than in the past almost certainly explains some of the shortfalls. SInce there was a scarcity of work at this time, the recession resulted in weaker labour bargaining power than in previous decades.

So, low wages have allowed low-skill, low-productivity business models to expand, therefore reducing the incentives for investments in new technologies and equipment. After all, why spend on expensive labour-saving technology when labour itself is cheap?

Finally, both the government and businesses have woken up to the fact that something needs to be done to solve this problem. This is welcome but not surprisingly there is relatively little additional money available or what is available is not always directed in the most appropriate way

Whilst this is inconvenient, it should not be a big issue since there are many ways that organisations can significantly boost their productivity by numerous relatively straightforward actions.

After taking the actions and reaping the rewards most people will say that it is just common sense. This is often the case but in truth, it is not common practice and often requires someone to open your eyes to what can be achieved.

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