Tools For Project Management Successes

I have already discussed my overall approach to successfully deliver projects. I must stress, there can be no guarantees in the delivery of a project. There is so much potential for things to happen that you cannot even imagine. This does not mean that projects cannot be delivered successfully, in fact, quite the opposite. What … Read moreTools For Project Management Successes

How I Have Written My Recent Blog Posts

This Blog entry is written using WordPress,¬†open source and the most popular blogging tool available. WordPress is also suitable for a web site¬†tool too! But enough of that, how have I typically written my recent blog and website? This document, for example, started life being written on a computer running Debian Linux, with a desktop … Read moreHow I Have Written My Recent Blog Posts

Office Applications Whenever & Wherever I Wish

This is something I have been wanting to write for some time. Like so many people my work involves the use of using spreadsheets, writing documents or producing presentations. Traditionally I have always been tied to my computer but increasingly I wish to be able to perform these tasks as and when I wish and … Read moreOffice Applications Whenever & Wherever I Wish

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