Up & Coming Chinese Capital Goods Manufacturers

There is a reputation that original Chinese manufacturers produce cheap poor quality products that are knock-offs  of Western products. This has been the case and as long as there is a demand for such products, it will continue, but, there is an increasing trend in the number of products designed and manufactured by Chinese companies that … Read moreUp & Coming Chinese Capital Goods Manufacturers

Good Enough Really Can Be Good Enough!

Continuous Improvement is a way of life, and that is how it should be. We are challenged to continually do more with less, whilst making sure that we “focus on what can improve the bottom line!” So the challenge is clear Make sure that what we do affects the bottom line in a positive way … Read moreGood Enough Really Can Be Good Enough!

Turn Suppler Quality On Its Head

It is quite a normal process for Original Manufacturers (OEMs) to have people from their own company or contract third parties to visit and audit overseas suppliers to verify the quality of the products or services that they are producing for them. This is particularly well known in China and should be no surprise to any … Read moreTurn Suppler Quality On Its Head

My Friend Bob’s Yield Challenges

I have spoken about Quality philosophies previously and have stated how important it is to apply the correct methodology and to not become a slave to any. In this article, I am going to introduce you to my friend Bob and how the use of the essentials of Six Sigma helped him many years ago. … Read moreMy Friend Bob’s Yield Challenges

The psychology of project success

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that productivity is not only about the tools and procedures that you have available to you but actually to a very high degree about the human interaction involved. I firmly believe that psychology has a much greater part to play than many think. Possibly one of … Read moreThe psychology of project success

Busting Your Productivity Free – Start With Some KPIs

Simply put, if you measure something, it will improve. So, if you measure lots of things (And therefore, create as many KPIs as you can think of) then you will make lots of improvements. To the uninitiated, it seems sensible. In fact, I used to joke that in a factory (Where I have spent much … Read moreBusting Your Productivity Free – Start With Some KPIs

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