Bust Your Productivity Challenges Wide Open!

Despite the fact that the average British worker has amongst the longest working hours the UK continues to fall behind much of the Western World in terms of productivity. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the greatest contributor to the UK’s poor productivity. Lower corporate and public investment in equipment and people than in the past … Read moreBust Your Productivity Challenges Wide Open!

The psychology of project success

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that productivity is not only about the tools and procedures that you have available to you but actually to a very high degree about the human interaction involved. I firmly believe that psychology has a much greater part to play than many think. Possibly one of … Read moreThe psychology of project success

Tools For Project Management Successes

I have already discussed my overall approach to successfully deliver projects. I must stress, there can be no guarantees in the delivery of a project. There is so much potential for things to happen that you cannot even imagine. This does not mean that projects cannot be delivered successfully, in fact, quite the opposite. What … Read moreTools For Project Management Successes

Busting Your Productivity Free – Start With Some KPIs

Simply put, if you measure something, it will improve. So, if you measure lots of things (And therefore, create as many KPIs as you can think of) then you will make lots of improvements. To the uninitiated, it seems sensible. In fact, I used to joke that in a factory (Where I have spent much … Read moreBusting Your Productivity Free – Start With Some KPIs

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