Good Enough Really Can Be Good Enough!

Continuous Improvement is a way of life, and that is how it should be.

We are challenged to continually do more with less, whilst making sure that we “focus on what can improve the bottom line!”

So the challenge is clear

  1. Make sure that what we do affects the bottom line in a positive way
  2. Use our resources wisely
  3. Adopt ways of working that will allow this to be sustainable.

The first thing that we need to realise to be effective on this journey is that you should not let anyone kid you into thinking that everything needs to be continuously improved. Sometimes Good Enough really is Good Enough!

Once you realise this, it opens a whole World of possibilities to tackle the challenges

Fixing many problems for my employers is what I have done and what my customers want me to help them to do more and more.

Via the contact page enter the code CIP0001.

Upon receipt, will send you, free of charge, the latest version of my pamphlet of how I go about systematically continually improving processes. It will not be a big surprise that doing nothing is a key part of it.

Remember …… sometimes, Good Enough is Good Enough

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