How I Have Written My Recent Blog Posts

This Blog entry is written using WordPress, open source and the most popular blogging tool available.

WordPress is also suitable for a web site tool too!

But enough of that, how have I typically written my recent blog and website?

This document, for example, started life being written on a computer running Debian Linux, with a desktop environment called Cinnamon, running a browser called Vivaldi. I started off by writing the initial document in the Google office suite (AKA Google Drive). Since then I have downloaded it, edited it on an open source office suite on another computer running Arch Linux.  Finally, I finished off the entry a different open source office suite client called Onlyoffice running on a MacBook Air.

At no point did all of this cause me to have formatting issues.

I have viewed every version that I have uploaded to my web server on different browsers.  It just works!!

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