How To Use The Demo

The demonstration allows us to demonstrate the user to update the raw data and it is displayed in near real-time.

In order to update the graph, you need to refresh the browser window. In future versions, this will be automatically refreshed after a few seconds, but not available today.

The current version requires doppioclick to set the range over which the data is to be entered. In future releases, this additional flexibility will be available.

When you select “Live Dashboard Demo” from the Demo menu, it opens the graphical display of the data in a new tab. This is not editable.

When you select “Live Data Update Demo” from the Demo menu, it opens a grid display of the raw data in a new tab. This data is editable, though additional rows cannot be added in the current version.

Drag both tabs to opposite sides of your monitor window so you can see the data being changed after you refresh the graph window.

If you would like to know more about how to build a dashboard like this using your own data, or you would like us to prepare it for you please contact us.

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