KPIs And Dashboards 4 U

Recently, I realised that there was a gap between adoption of digital tools to assist with improving productivity & quality and the ability to identify and implement the suitable solutions.

As a result, I decided to halt full-time employment so that I could concentrate on my doppioclick business.
The question I had to answer was what should be my first step to concentrate on.

Where could I add most value first.

I have spent much of the last two months seeking an answer to this question.

I concluded that every day I see evidence that companies are keen to introduce KPIs.

Clearly, and correctly in my view, they can see the benefit of adopting them. Judging by the number times this crops up they do not have a good enough understanding of how to introduce and make the best use of them.

Best use is achieved when everyone knows them and they understand how they contribute to improving those KPIs. One significant helper for this is to share those KPIs via a Dashboard.

As you will have seen recently I have written an article on dashboards and provided an example of one using Google Data Studio.

The version I have shared with you relies on the data being held in a Google Sheet as the data source and works well, but for a variety of reasons not everyone wants to or can have a Google solution so I considered it critical to identify a second Dashboard tool.
The good news is that there are a number of excellent tools available but have concluded that, at least for now, Chartio is the best solution. This is for a number of reasons mainly due to it being cloud-based, having a drag and drop interface, a good selection of chart types and connectors to many databases and other applications.

The other thing that I have been working on is how to utilise a database for storing data instead of relying on Google Sheets. I am happy to say that this too has been solved with the adoption of a Mysql database. Using a database opens up the possibility to retain manual data entry (For which I have written a utility) or to have data auto-populated.

I really believe that I have much to offer in this area. Contact me for a free consultation!

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