Office Applications Whenever & Wherever I Wish

This is something I have been wanting to write for some time.

Like so many people my work involves the use of using spreadsheets, writing documents or producing presentations. Traditionally I have always been tied to my computer but increasingly I wish to be able to perform these tasks as and when I wish and need to. I want to not care which computing device I use or where that device is I just want it to be completely seamless.

I need my documents to be safe and only accessible by those people who I choose to share with.

I am surprised just how far I have gone with this need. It’s not completely solved, and there are a few compromises but surprisingly few for most things that I do.

So how have I solved, or at least managed to do this?

  1. ¬†All documents that I use are saved in “the cloud”. I have tried a number of them, both commercial and open source.¬†Third party hosted as well as self-hosted
  2. I tend to use Cloud-based applications. These are not as full-featured as those that run on my computers but often have sufficient functionality and are good enough.
  3. For when the internet is not available, or for when it is just not as responsive as I wish I do have standalone applications that I run. For those, I always try and find a suitable Open Source version that is platform independent. So it will run on Linux (My first choice), Mac (Second) and Windows (Final). Why this is my route will be the subject of another Blog entry.


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