The Circular Economy

I recently visited a prospective supplier(Wisetek) to my current employer in Cork. They have turned the re-manufacture and recycling of components from the commercial IT industry into a production process. The process consists of disassembling, sorting, recycling or re-manufacturing. When I examined the standard of the re-manufactured product, I did so by comparing it to a brand new product. Interestingly this is also the standard by which Wisetek perform their final Quality Assurance checks. Frankly, I struggled to tell the difference between new and re-manufactured. Their customers are, among others, Dell and IBM, both of which have saved many ¬£millions What is being done here is not just window dressing but substantial bottom-line benefits by using items that otherwise been disposed of long before the end of it’s useful life. From what I have seen, companies want and have “Green” agendas within their business. They are proud of what they have accomplished but I struggle to see that they are saving substantial amounts of money. Adopting some or all of what Wisetek are doing redresses the balance.

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