There is a reputation that original Chinese manufacturers produce cheap poor quality products that are knock-offs

 of Western products. This has been the case and as long as there is a demand for such products, it will continue, but, there is an increasing trend in the number of products designed and manufactured by Chinese companies that meet and increasingly exceed those produced in the West that should be seriously considered as part of an investment portfolio.

I started to notice this about 8 years ago when I was expanding the factory in China that was running. We purchased Chinese reflow ovens and wave solder machines and found these machines to be every bit as good as the existing Western machines but at about half the cost!

Recently I was introduced to InnoGetic, a China based Hong Kong owned comapany

This company produces their own designs of dispensing machines and modular automated production lines. It will not come as a surprise that this company is not well known outside China, though they do have a few customers in both Western Europe and the USA.

More importantly, over the last few years both of InnoGetic’s products have been successfully used during the manufacture of Apple’s iPhones, which in itself tells you a great deal bout the products’ performance and what is more they typically sell for about half of what you would expect to pay in the West for the equivalent.

I recently visited InnoGetic’s facility where I learned in detail about the products,. I focussed mostly on the modular automated system as I was already familiar with the dispensing process.  InnoGetic’s modular automated production line is unique in China as it can be configured to produce the same product in volume or configured for ultimate flexibility where every product that is produced on that line is different from its predecessor or successor.

Simply put there is no other automation line configuration like this in China!

For the purposes of demonstration a line was set up in a flexible configuration where each module including one of the following:  robotic assembly, odd form insertion, screwing operations.

The demonstration consisted of me to create and order of 7 different SKUs. Each of these SKUs was different and required either a different routing or different operations at each work station. They were in fact producing multiple batch sizes of one to fulfil a single order.

I connected my smart phone to their MES and described each of the 7 SKUs I wanted and and once initiated, an AGV picked up the required material, routed it to the production line where each SKU was assembled through to successful completion in the correct sequence, where it was again picked up by AGV and brought to me.

All the time these were being produced it was being displayed in real time on the integrated MES as well a CCTV displaying the operations.

InnoGetic’s solution is revolutionary in China but for use in the West it provides a cost effective platform that we could use to produce almost on demand which is exactly what we aspire to do.

As a result I am now actively working to find customers and partners in Europe who would like to represent InnoGetic in Europe.

If you are interested, know someone who may be interested in becoming a partner, contact me to see where InnoGetic could help.

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