WordPress On Steroids

Like many people I have used a number of hosting providers over the years and for the longest time have used Siteground.

Their customer support was excellent and their prices were very competitive.

I was very happy and did not think of changing.

The changes that Siteground have made are well documented and I was not happy, so decided that we were going to part company.

After some investigation I trialed Cloudways’ service

It is a little more geeky and setting up my first WordPress site was a little more complicated than I had  been used to, but with Cloudways excellent customer service, I was up and running in no time.

I very soon learned that this was a very small price to pay because OMG, WOW what a difference. I did not know that WordPress sites could load that fast!!

Cloudways does not offer lots of web services, but those that it does are are what you need, it is an outstanding service provider.

If you are considering a new hosting provider these guys should be in your list.

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